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The Online Hate Task Force has taken down 100,000s of posts inciting violence against religious groups.  You too can make a difference in the fight against hate and violence online. 

Fighting for a Safer Internet

The Online Hate Task Force is an interfaith group dedicated to making the internet safer for everyone. We monitor, seek out, and remove hateful content from social networks that targets religious groups and incites violence against them.

Removing hateful content together

Hate surges online now more than ever before with content spreading that targets religious groups, spreads lies, and incites violence against them.

Online hate targets religious groups

Companies like X, YouTube and Facebook, the main social media platforms, do not effectively monitor, flag and take down hateful content. 

That's where The Online Hate Task Force comes in.

The Problem

Click a flag to visit our Facebook pages in different languages (Arabic coming soon).

We monitor hate in the following languages

Content posts flagged and removed from major social networks.


Dedicated community activists ready to report hateful content at scale.


Videos taken down that promoted hate and violence towards religious groups.


Accounts shut down for repeatedly spreading hateful content and incite violence.


We are a trusted partner working with networks like Facebook and Youtube directly, with our global community of 100K dedicated volunteers that can mobilize in minutes to flag hateful and inciting content for removal. 

Our Work

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Advocate for government

policy makers to take action against online hate.


Remove hateful and violent content, and shut down the accounts that post it.


Advise social media companies on hate speech trends, policies, and how to better police hate.


Contribute to the public discourse on Internet hate and incitement trends.


Our Methodology

Our Team

Eliyahou Roth

Founder / Director

Amira Mahamad

Islamophobia Program Director

Anissa Laich

Legal and Regulatory Advisor

Eitan Charnoff

Strategic Advisor

WATCH: German news reports about our fight against antisemitic and hateful content

On November 2022, the OHTF conducted for the second time in collaboration with MEP Frédérique Ries a hate-content reporting operation in cooperation with Members of the European Parliament and of the Canadian Parliament.


The content reported were 125 antisemitic posts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here is the ARD (Germany) TV report broadcasted on November 1st. The report, “Who will stop the hate?” was then used in full by ZDF (Germany) on November 15th in their show “Kulturzeit”.

READ: Articles about our fight against hateful online content over last 10-years

Press & Media

Join the Fight

Support the fight against online hate. Sign up and follow us to get involved today. 

Following five months of intensive work the Online Hate Task Force (Belgium) and the Online Hate Prevention Institute (Australia) share a groundbreaking new report Online Antisemitism After October 7 2023.

Download the Report

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